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Stored data... [29 Oct 2006|11:35am]

Is it really dead?,
If it lives inside?,
Abandon all the hours,
The joy it did provide?...
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maybe someone somewhere here will find this interesting... [07 Jan 2005|04:38pm]
hello! my name is ben or trent or whatever,
and i have just started a new community on livejournal entitled catchphrases.

the idea of it is to get people from all over to come together
and share the catchphrases that they find themselves using in their own lives.

membership is at an all time low, meaning just me as of this post...
but i have big plans and even bigger dreams for it!

so if this sounds interesting to you, please join
and post any catchphrases you regularly hear or say,
and maybe someday we can have, like, 10 members,
and then we can all get some new phrases in our lives.

thank you for your time.
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[03 Aug 2003|12:52am]

For fuck's sake, whoever is in charge of this community please do something with it or turn it over to someone else that will.
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[04 May 2003|08:43pm]

[ mood | confused ]

hey im new to the community. sort of. i joined a while ago, but never knew how to post. but now i do.
arg id like to make a nice post, but the radio is playing, and its that terrible song by pink, or someone. i dont know. i dont know why i turned ont he radio. i never listen to it.
ok so i think my point was "hi!"

and im still studying AP so thats confusing me even more..
so if you want to IM me or something. feel free to. and yeah.

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[01 May 2003|11:49am]

Nothing's been posted for 2 months. Is this community dead?
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[23 Feb 2003|06:54pm]

The Chickens are RestlessCollapse )
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[04 Dec 2002|02:22pm]


Ok, the automatic posting of Red Meat needs some fine tuning ... I'll work on that soon and get it all working properly. :) Until then, I'll post them when I remember to.
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Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles - 173 [01 Dec 2002|07:29pm]

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new comics to be added to this community [01 Dec 2002|03:52pm]

Ok, since I've been really busy lately, I've decided to expand the scope of this community so there are atleast more things to be added when I don't have time to scan in pictures from my Far Side books. But, I think the two other comics that will be added to this community are a good match for the off-beat humor of the Far Side. I'm going to set up my Linux box to automatically post these two comics every week (they're weekly comics, not daily). So, I hope you enjoy them.

First, there's Read Meat which is a tremendous comic by Max Cannon. It is published in a bunch of independent papers. I used to read this back in the day when I lived in Richmond VA .... but I haven't found a publication in Boston that publishes it, so I've been reading it from their website.

Next, there's a comic I just discovered, that's in even less publications than Red Meat, it's a find comic by Neil Swaab called Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles. It's on the level as Red Meat with the style of off-beat humor.

So, I hope you guys enjoy. I'll be setting all this up this week, so look for these two find weekly comics to be in your friends page as well as the Far Side comics when I get the chance to actually get them scanned in. :)
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[22 Nov 2002|11:12am]

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[18 Nov 2002|06:18pm]

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[18 Nov 2002|10:48am]

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[17 Nov 2002|10:37pm]


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[17 Nov 2002|04:59pm]

[ mood | sore ]

my favorite... hahahahaha

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[15 Nov 2002|11:42pm]

sorry I've been slacking off ... been busy with school, work, and wisdom teeth ... here's a couple to make it up to everyone:

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[03 Nov 2002|11:15am]

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[01 Nov 2002|10:32am]

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welcome! [01 Nov 2002|12:46am]

Welcome to the Far Side community. I will be scanning in the Far Side comics from my books and posting them to this community. If you wanna post your favorite strips, or start helping me out in scanning in comics, feel free to and post them to this community. If you wanna scan in comics to help out, let me know, and I'll let you store them on my server for hosting.

To start things off:

I will try to put up a new one or two every day, but no promises (it will depend on free time).
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