Alan Bodenobleman (shared_boxers) wrote in far_side,
Alan Bodenobleman


Welcome to the Far Side community. I will be scanning in the Far Side comics from my books and posting them to this community. If you wanna post your favorite strips, or start helping me out in scanning in comics, feel free to and post them to this community. If you wanna scan in comics to help out, let me know, and I'll let you store them on my server for hosting.

To start things off:

I will try to put up a new one or two every day, but no promises (it will depend on free time).
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:D :D :D And here I was, feeling all melancholy because my Far Side desk calender (the last of its kind) runs out in just two months. Bless you! (*friends community*) I'd join, but sadly I do not have a scanner, and would not be able to spread the spiffiness. Therefore, I can only leech it from others. ;) Thanks!
No more Far Side calendars?!?!?
:( I know! Apparently, they're not making any more because they've been doing it for a few years and, well, basically they've run out of comics. I've had a FS desk calender for the past two years myself, and did notice several repeats, but come on! If you're enough of a fan to want to read a strip a day (as I am), you're really not going to care if you have to read a few of the same ones twice in two years.

(*sigh*) But what can you do? That's why I was so glad to find this community. (*hugs computer*) :P
that's too bad!
i just got a desk calendar (a book not the rip off day by day ones) that has the theme stupid comics and i think i'm going to use that for work. hehe..
Therefore, I can only leech it from others.

I think you misunderstood. Anyone is free to join and bask in the Far Side greatness. I was just asking if anyone wants to help in the gigantic task of scanning the comics in, then I would be much appreciative. It wasn't a requirement to join.
hey! do we have permission to use the comics that are posted here in our own live journals? i think that would be really neat, to share the ones we like. but i understand if we arent supposed to.